Q: Can we get married at St Agnes?

A: If you live in the parish of St Agnes, yes. If you live in another parish but regularly attend or have a very close link with the church, again yes, more than likely.

Please don’t assume the answer is going to be NO. There are sometimes complications, most of which can be worked around. If you are uncertain, come and ask, we will do our level best to do what we can. Even where one or both parties have been previously married, we will do our best to help.

Marriages take place in Church by arrangement with the Minister, and we urge you to make arrangements with the Church well in advance of your chosen day, and certainly before organising your Reception.

Arrangements can be made by attending Church any Sunday morning at 10am, and speaking to the Minister at the conclusion of the service.

The cost for a marriage in Church is about £400.

Although this may appear to be excessive, this really is the only part of the whole package that you can’t do without! When all the other elements, such as cars, photographers, the reception and so on are taken into account, the cost of the Church service is the least expensive item.

Q: What about Baptism / Christenings?

A: Baptisms take place at 12 noon, following the morning service.

Arrangements can be made by attending a Church Service any Sunday morning at 10am. This means that you have at least been to the Church that you would like your child to become a member of.

There is no charge for a service of Baptism, though donations towards the upkeep of the church will not be refused.

Q: What about Funerals?

A: As with Baptism and Marriage, if you are resident in the parish, a funeral can be conducted in the Church followed by cremation or burial elsewhere.
St Agnes Church has a Garden of Remembrance for the internment of cremated remains. Your Funeral Director will assist with all necessary arrangements. The cost of internment of ashes is about £115.