Sunday Services

As a community of faith endeavouring to engage with the 21st century in our time, place and space, we are searching for the God within us, between us and beyond us. We encourage laughter at our own ridiculousness, and are challenged to consider how we might make a radical difference in caring for the community of North Reddish in a practical way. Numbers attending this service are steadily increasing but average between 70 and 75.

All of our services begin with a brief sharing of news from our families and local community; we provide a safe space within which we encourage one another to express our joys (birthdays, anniversaries and personal announcements) and our sorrows (illnesses and tragedies, both global and local) celebrating with some, extending love and compassion to others.

Following local news, we remind ourselves of the despair people are experiencing throughout the world as a result of war, starvation and other life threatening situations.

Each week, we read out a campaign letter from Amnesty International on behalf of individuals or groups and invite everyone to sign it at the conclusion of the service.

We hold all these situations in mind’s eye and hearts care, inviting God to spin threads of compassion from us to them, that we may aspire to do something to change their plight through campaigning for justice.

Following on, we light what is called the Care Candle, displaying

A RED AIDS/HIV RIBBON as a reminder of the 33 million people worldwide inflicted with the disease. Also other life threatening diseases – Malaria and Cholera.
A PINK CANCER RIBBON as many of us know others locally who are living and dying with Cancer.
A GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL RIBBON to remind us of everyone’s responsibility in caring for the world in which we live.

Finally, the Care Candle,  is wrapped with a length of barbed wire, the symbol of Amnesty International.

We continue with a few moments silence as we hold in tension the joys and sorrows we have been able to give voice to and the joys and sorrows that we hold privately.