Academy for Peace

We are on a huge massive journey. A journey that began 13.7 billion years ago with the ‘Big Bang’ (makes you think of a one off event that happened way back then) or what others have described as ‘The Great Radiance’ (of which we are a part of today’s unfolding)

Our faith evolves, our beliefs evolve.  We look at the bible text in a critical way, testing it for resonance.  We try and avoid talking about bible verses in such a way that is no longer relevant. We try to find new words  to describe our beliefs?

At the start of 2010, we began to consider the issue of Peace. Jesus claimed to be the Prince of Peace, he shared Peace, he instructed his friends to bless others with Peace. Why wasn’t the church 2000 years later championing PEACE?

Our evolutionary unfolding journey has brought us on 21st September 2010 to launch our academy for Peace. It’s what it says on the tin, it’s what we do. We have committed ourselves to finding new and creative ways of expressing Peace. Inspired by the incredibly difficult work that Jeremy Gilley has embarked on with, we have chosen to align ourselves with the search for Peace. It begins with ourselves, before overflowing to others and on throughout the world.